Nile Hylton - VFX TD Showreel 2012

Nile Hylton - VFX TD Showreel 2012

Wrath Of The Titans - Pyroclastic smoke and fire simulation using Flowline.
Shot 1 - Smoke trails
Shot 2 - Interaction smoke cloud
Shot 3 - Fire explosion
Shot 4 - Interaction smoke cloud

Welsh Rugby Union - Custom hair/shard system development in for Maya in Python, pipeline tools, particles, debris, dynamics.

John Carter and Sherlock Holmes 2 - Crowd simulation using MPC's ALICE

MTV 10 for 11 - Python based procedural rigging and animation system for Maya and pipeline tools

Huggies - Procedural rollercoaster building developed in Houdini and pipeline tools developed for Houdini and Maya in Python.


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