Bold Design Concept At Dada Architecture

A fruitful collaboration between Italian company Fabbian Illuminazione and Dada Architecture + Design resulted in a fascinating retail space for the latter.Architect Davide D’Agostino was able to “create an organization in which the operative and exhibitive components blend together and produce a unitary message.” Fabbian plays lead role in lighting up this project: notice the Crio Bianca suspension lamp above the PC stations, the rectangular Sospesa lamp above the meeting table, a series of Giunco floor lamps creating a highly suggestive effect in the luxury bathroom setting, the Angle floor lamp and two Elle lamps lighting up the country chic lounge, further enhanced by a Tile lamp. A series of Cubetto suspension lamps light up the corridor and the pictures decorating it. The Cricket spotlights and the Slot light fitting complete the lighting of the large study.”



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