Isbjerget Apartment Complex, Denmark

After winning a limited design competition, Amsterdam-based architecture & design studio seARCH, in collaboration with JDS, Louis Paillard and CEBRA, has realized Isbjerget (Iceberg) apartment building located on a stunning site on the waterfront of Aarhus, in Denmark.
The project takes inspiration from floating icebergs in continual motion. The design team reshaped the masterplan that consisted of closed blocks, into four L-shaped wings. Its peaks and canyons elicit the project’s iconic strength while ensuring that all apartments take in a generous amount of natural light and feature waterfront views.

Project info:

client: pensiondanmark
location: aarhus, denmark
year: 2008 - present
status: under construction
program: urban planning, housing
size: 25,000 m²
collaborators: CEBRA, JDS, louis paillard
images: seARCH, CEBRA, JDS, louis paillard
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