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Creative Furniture

If you liked Weird and Wacky Furniture by Straight Line Designs, you’ll definitely love these crazy furniture and unusual lamp design ideas by Russian designer Tembolat Gugkaev.    via

MM2 Tryton

The Tryton MM2 concept is of a powerful battery powered electric motorcycle. 132 miles range on a single charge taking approximately 2.5 hours ¾ charge in less than 1.15 hours Plug it into any 110-volt outlet Top speed of 160 mph 0 -100 in 4.4 seconds Carbon fiber frame with carbon fiber re-inforced thermoplastic body panels Dense foam body zones utilizing more environmentally sound production methods.    via

Creative and Unusual Rings

The custom of giving and receiving finger rings dates back over approximately 6,000 years[1]. They are worn as symbols of friendship, marriage or just as fashion accessories. While most people put rings on any finger they feel comfortable, other consider ring placement in more depth: the finger where a ring is worn and the hand on which it is placed can represent different personality traits    via