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Liquid Brands

[ #inspiration #Creative #Branding ] Liquid Brands is a high speed liquid photo series, which combines many creative fields in one. This series uses logos of several popular companies with a creative approach to create a unique brand experience by using liquids. The logo shapes were created out of wood with a laser cutter and were attached to a multifunction tool, which allowed us to spin the logos with a controllable speed. Photographer: Manuel Mittelpunkt Setdesign: Matthias Grund Making of For our pictures we trickled some paint on the logos and started to rotate them. It took us several experiments with the speed of the rotation and the amount of paint, until we finally achieved the best results for this series.    More Creative

BMW Vision 100 concept

[ #inspiration #BMW #Automotive #Design ] To celebrate its 100th anniversary, BMW Debuts The Vision Next 100 Concept, and it'showing Us what We'll be driving in 30 Years. Check them out and don't miss the video below    More Automotive Design

KTM X-Bow Black Carbon fiber Edition

[ #inspiration #Automotive ] Based on the X-Bow GT, the limited-edition model gets a dark theme along with a boost in power. With a thorough use of carbon fiber for the body, including components such as the underfloor, wheel arches, and engine covers, the Bow GT boasts quite the sinister appearance. Add a 2.0-liter 320 HP turbocharged engine with anodized sport exhaust, and you have a track-ready model fit for the bat cave. Inside, hand-stitched seats and logos adorn the all black interior. A suede leather steering wheel with color coordinated 12-hour markings, all-aluminum machined gear, and handbrake levers also add to its industrial feel. The Black Edition also includes a full multi-media interface with a rear view camera KTM is only producing 5 of these editions with starting price is $109,000.    More Automotive