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New Balance Zante | Boracay Commercials

[ #inspiration #MotionGraphics ]New Balance Zante | Boracay Commercials by Loop - an agency, postproduction and production company based in Moscow, Russia.

Production Co: Aggressive
Client: New Balance
Directors: Alex Topaller, Dan Shapiro
Producer: Kelvin Craver

Postproduction: Loop, Aggressive
Creative Director: Alex Mikhaylov
CG Supervisor: Max Chelyadnikov
Edit: Alex Mikhaylov, Max Chelyadnikov, Dan Shapiro, Adam Thomson
Design: Alex Mikhaylov, Andrey Krasavin
2D Animation: Andrey Krasavin, Federico Gonzalez, Dan Shapiro
Modelling: E.D.Satan, Evaldas Cesnavicius
Texturing: E.D.Satan, Konstantin Zankov
Animation: Dmitriy Paukov, Max Chelyadnikov
Simulation: Dmitriy Paukov,
Rendering: Max Chelyadnikov
Compositing: Max Chelyadnikov, Dan Shapiro,
Storyboard Artist: Rolo Ledesma
Production Manager: Dustin Pownall
Sound Design: Wesley Slover

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McLaren Black Swan

[ #inspiration #McLaren #MPC #VFX ]Spot for McLaren Black Swan produced by MPC Commercials, London with modeling and rigging by MINIMO VFX

The McLaren 570S Aerodynamics With Black Swanby CG Record
model and rig by MINIMO VFX
shot production by MPC Commercials, London
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Marvel's Daredevil main title sequence

[ #inspiration #Antibody #Marvel #Daredevil ]Antibody worked with the team from Marvel and ABC Studios to create a main title sequence that could capture the insidious corruption of Hell's Kitchen from Netflix's new series Daredevil.

Creative Director
Patrick Clair

Concept Illustration
Yi-Jen Liu
Paul Kim
Kevin Heo
Henry Deleon

Carol Salek
Assistant Producer
Kyle Mcintyre
Executive Producer
Jennifer Sofio Hall

CG Lead
Andrew Romatz
Compositing Lead
Shahana Khan
Fluids Lead
Miguel A. Salek
3D Artists
Vivian Su
Katie Yoon
Erin Clarke
Kirk Shintani
Jose Limon
Jon Balcome
2D VFX Artist
David Do
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Kitchen visualizations by Tayone Interior Design

[ #inspiration #Interior #Rendering #CGI ]Kitchen visualizations by CG Artist and Architect based in Hanoi - Vietnam: Duc Hoang a.k.a Tayone Interior Design

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Grey Goo Launch Trailer

[ #inspiration #Animation ]Check out Launch Trailer of Grey Goo -A new Real-Time Strategy game by Grey Box and Petroglyph. Animation production by Axis. Directed by Dana Dorian, Produced by Robin Gierhart.
Executive Producer Debbie Ross.
Client: Six Foot / Greybox Games
VP of Games: Josh Maida
Creative Director: Tony Medrano
Producer: Kyla Kennedy

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Mercedes-AMG Rotwild GT S Bicycle

[ #inspiration #Bike #Mercedes ]Mercedes-Benz recently joined forces with German bicycle manufacturer Rotwild, to create the limited-edition Rotwild GT S. The Rotwild GT S inspired by AMG combines the very best of racing technology on four and two wheels: dynamism, lightweight construction, design and comfort. The special model limited to 100 examples combines ultra high-performance materials with highly sophisticated suspension technology and a unique design idiom


Neo Smartpen N2

[ #inspiration #Hardware #Tech ]Neo Smartpen N2 is a new pen that literally turns whatever you write or draw by hand into a digital text or support. You can even save them after on PDF! You can store up to a 1000 pages on this smartpen and sync them later on to your device, mobile phone, laptop or tablet. It also quickly syncs with your Evernote account. It also features a small microphone and voice recorder so you can use it as a voice memo whenever you get a thought or idea worth recording, it even allows to sync these voice recordings with any notes you wrote at the time. You can even search your texts by date or by a tag you gave to any work you did at the time. Built with a full aluminum body, it´s sleek and elegant, with a durable look and feel, that you can sync with an Android or IOS device.

Introducing Neo smartpen N2by CG Record

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Porsche 918 Photographs

[ #inspiration #Porsche918 #Porsche #Photograph ]Porsche 918's Photo shoots at Custom Show Emirates in Adnec Exhibition Center by Dubai, United Arab Emirates based Photographer - George Shahda
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