Lexus GS Debut -the unseen force

Lexus GS Debut -the unseen force by a Postproduction and Motiongraphic Studio based in Frankfurt/Germany: Barbecue
In this commercial the The GS exudes an mysterious and abstract aura of power.
By visually expressing what cannot normally be seen, the “force" shows the special moment of pure driving pleasure.


Client: Lexus Japan Sales & Marketing Div.
Production: Knockonwood Inc.
Agency: TYO Inc. 1st Avenue
Director: Manjot Bedi
DoP: Manjot Bedi
Music: Michael Kadelbach

Post Production: Ruediger Chmielus, Stefan Gruschke, Thomas Flechel, Stefan Laschet, Marcus Martinez, Jorinna Scherle, Matthias Schilder



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