MTV Game Awards 2011

MTV Networks Latin America, 2011 by by TooDietToDie


Creative Director: Hernan Damilano.
Sr. Creative, Lead Art Director: Camilo Barria.
Design & Animation: Hola Mambo and Mtv Creative Design Services.
Design, 3D, Motion Design, Compositing: Luis Suárez, Camilo Barria, Lucas Casagrande.
Photography: Juampi Bonino.
Sound Design: Facil Music, Buenos Aires.
Band Visuals: Luis Suárez, Camilo Barria, Lucas Casagrande, Estudio Dementa.
Show Visuals: Lucas Casagrande, Camilo Barria.
Creative Coordinator: Jenny Goldstein.

Executive Producer: Federico Cuervo
Production Director: José Viggiano.
Production Assistant: Luis López.
Production: CAPONETO.

Song: I Can See Through You by The Horrors performed at MTV Latin American Game Awards.


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