Sherwin Williams - Migration

Jay Blue, Social Butterfly, Canyon Clay, Smokey Salmon, Fawn Brindle, Deer Valley, Rushing River, Vast Sky. Sherwin colors are once again cast to tell their story, this time set in Yosemite valley, home of the Double Rainbow, as its creatures gather to witness nature’s glory.


Directed by: BUCK
Executive Creative Director: Orion Tait
Executive Producer: Anne Skopas
Associate Creative Director: Ben Langsfeld
Producer: Kevin Hall
Art Director: Ben Langsfeld
Designers: Ben Langsfeld, Joshua Harvey, Mike Lee, Aaron Becker
Storyboards: Tom Connor, David Zung
CG Supervisor: Ryan O'Phelan
Lead Modeler: Arvid Volz
Modeling: Arvid Volz, Brice Linane, Ryan O'Phelan, Pete Hamilton, Ylli Orana, Rafael Mayrhofer, Brett Wharton, Chris Hertwig
Lighting/Shading: Michael Lampe, Ylli Orana, Ryan O'Phelan, Dan Gregoras
Rigging: Ryan O'Phelan, Lee Wolland
Lead Character Animator: William Trebutien
Character Animation: William Trebutien, Arvid Volz
3D Animation: Pete Hamilton, Ryan O'Phelan, Chris Hertwig, Brice Linane
Compositors: Seth Ricart, Daniel Oeffinger, Fred Kim
Software: Maya, Nuke

Agency: McKinney
Music: Beacon Street Studios


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