Transforming Still Life Painting

Artistic duo Rob and Nick Carter have teamed up with MPC to create a groundbreaking piece of digitally engineered art, breathing new life into Dutch still life. The artwork takes as its subject a painting by the Golden Age master Ambrosius Bosschaert the Elder (1573--1621) and recreates it as a three-hour long animated sequence transitioning through times of day and introducing new elements to the painting.
MPC created an entirely computer generated animated replica of an original painting - something that has never been done before.

The undertaking was enormous and after two years the result is a piece of incomparable technological invention and artistic quality. Quite literally nothing has been created on this scale before. The piece involved several thousand hours of digital rendering, more than a feature length animated film.


3D Creative Director: Jake Mengers
3D Head of Production: Michael Stanish

VFX Team: Daniel Kmet, Fabian Frank, Fabio Zaveti, Remi Cauzid, Andrea Falcone, Andrew Roberts, Felix Balbas, Heather Goodenough, Jason Brown, Maurizio De Angelis, Robert Hesketh, Roberto Zincone, Spiros Kalomiris, Tom Rowell, Kunal Sarkar, Raju Ganesh, Inigo Roy


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