Bio Ethanol Fireplaces

The flicker of flames in an open fireplace has always had a unique and mesmerising charm and now Designer Fire offers Australians an attractive, innovative and environmentally friendly alternative to the traditional fireplace. Powered purely by bio ethanol (also commonly known as methylated spirits), our fireplaces are clean burning and odourless so they produce no irritating smoke, ash or embers.  



  1. These are some ultra-contemporary Bio ethanol fireplace with some traditional touches on it. It looks stunning...Isn't it? I have a wall mounted bio ethanol fireplace in my bedroom.. During winter season when I dim the lights and fire up the fireplace, it looks absolutely stunning. I wish I could show you all...But I have always taken precautions while lighting it up.. Because a small human error and your home can turn out to be a burnt nest...So before operating these fireplaces go through instructions properly...

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  3. Its really stunning I just want to install a wall fireplace of this pattern is it available with wall fireplace pattern too?


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