PUBLIC Chicago Hotel

The warmth, exuberance, and easy going atmosphere of Chicago welcomes visitors like a bear hug. And whether in town for business or pleasure, hotels like PUBLIC Chicago extend that feeling further into one’s time here.

Step off the blustery Chicago streets and into a luxury hotel where all 285 spacious and over-sized guest rooms and suites are inviting, calming, and soothing. Their “no color” color palette is combined with custom and iconic hand-picked pieces of furniture and convenient amenities that evoke the sensation of being at home… a home in which ease becomes second nature – if it wasn’t already.

In typical Midwest style, the staff members at PUBLIC Chicago make every guest feel as if they were the only people here. Visit the Pump Room restaurant and bar, The Library and Coffee Bar, Living Room, Screening Room / Back Room, the 24-hour lobby minibar, or “order in” from the PUBLIC EXPRESS. Or hit the streets knowing you’ll have a heavenly home away from home to return to.



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