The House In Psychiko, Athens, Greece

A Private House by Divercity Architects In Psychiko, Athens, Greece
The house is divided into three major zones, the stone core which was influenced by the Acropolis rock, the boomerang-shaped upper floor and the living area in between. Pure white combined with endless glass windows make the residence the ideal spot from which to observe the lively city view, providing numerous surprises concerning light and different scales. The external walls are partially covered with stone, retaining the owners’ privacy while an eclectic mix of materials leads to a somewhat communal garden, expanding to the neighboring house, which also belongs to the same family.

Architect: Divercity Architects
Project Architect: Nikolas Travasaros
Interior Space Consultant: Sophia Vantaraki
Landscape Architect: H. Pangalou & Associates
Lighting Designer: Alkestie Skarlatou
Industrial design consultant: Manos Vordonarakis
Photography: Erieta Attali
Site area: 1000m²
Construction area: 600m²
Design: 2007-2009 | Construction: 2009-2012
Project Status: Completed in 2012
photos © Erieta Attali


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