Cheese Monster

A very silly commercial from director: Ruairi Robinson with visual Effects done by Mikros image for Cheese in Paris. Featuring both cheese and monsters, which are among my favorite things. Shot on 35mm by Macgregor. Creature design by Jordu Schell (who was lead creature designer on Avatar)


Client : CNIEL -Centre National Interprofessionnel de l’Economie Laitière
Agency : EURO RSCG - Creative Director : Christophe Coffre
Directeur : Ruairi Robinson
Production : Henry de Czar
Creature design by Jordu Schell
Cinematography by Macgregor
Music : “The moon is shining for you” de Kouz Productions
Post-producer : Nathalie Delvigne

Mikros image
Head of VFX Studio : Julien Meesters
VFX Producer : Jean-Lin Roig
Executive VFX Producer : Pascal Giroux
CG Lead : Olivier Mitonneau
Flame Artist Lead : Stéphane Pivron
Flame Artist : Maria Gascoin
Modeling : Thomas Haas
Set up : Christophe Petit
Animation : Anne Chatelain, Marie Celaya, Mickaël Nauzin, Morgan Sagel
Texture : Vivien Testar
FX : William Untereiner
Tracking : Yvan Galtie
Shading : Benoît Holl
Lighting : Mathias Barday, Olivier Mitonneau, Benoît Holl
Compositing : Luc Martias, Mathias Barday, Olivier Lukaszczyk, Benoît Holl
Rotoscopy : Philippe Manuel, Cyril Gohier, Neels Castillon


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