G-STAR The Art of RAW

Glassworks Amsterdam collaborated with the G-Star in-house creative team to realize the Art of RAW campaign fully CGI film. Till now the global campaigns of the brand were based on iconic print advertisements, shot by one of the biggest names in photography Anton Corbijn, featuring talents like Liv Tyler, Magnus Carlsen and Gemma Arterton.

Production Company: Glassworks Amsterdam
Director Rudiger: Kaltenhauser
3d Artist:
Markus Lauterbach
Tim Borgmann
Markus Geerts
Nick Smalley
Tim Bolland
Dan Hope
Chris Wood
Flame artists:
Kyle Obley
Lise Prudh'omme
Flame Assist:
Bob Roijen
Scott Harris
Executive Producer
Jane Bakx
Client: G-Star RAW
Concept:G-Star RAW creative team
Music: Skrillex
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