Nike+ Worn To Win posters

Nike+ Worn to Win is a series of posters showing you a dedicated female athlete that will do what ever it takes to win. The whole concept behind this idea is a female athlete waking up early in the morning to start her morning training. However, before she does that she laces up her "Nike Plus Free Run 3" and straps on her "Nike Plus" gear so that she can track her data and set goals for herself. She sets these goals to meet so that she can challenge her friends and defeat them. She bought into Nike philosophy, "Play life to win" .

Project Name: Nike+ Worn to Win
Photoshoot Location: Orlando, FL

Production Company: GOD Inspired Designs
Director of Photography: Ziarekenya Smith
Photographer: Ziarekenya Smith
Storybroad Concept: Ziarekenya Smith
Retoucher: Ziarekenya Smith
Designer: Ziarekenya Smith
Videographer: Ziarekenya Smith

Location Manger: Ziarekenya Smith
Wardrobe Manager: Ziarekenya Smith
Model: Crystal Allen
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