GAGA Deli And Eatery In Shenzhen

Coordination Asia has designed for Gaga, the latest deli and eatery in Shenzhen. Designed to really wow even the most discerning clientele. This isn't a place that you just pop into to grab a quick caffeine shot, because once inside, this stunning new interior will mesmerise you into enjoying the buzz that comes from both the caffeine and the incredible surroundings.

With its unique design, Coordination Asia has created a new space for Gaga that uses their chic existing colour scheme within a fresh innovative design where indoor and outdoor areas flow into one another and the seating and decking areas are simply divided (a word used in its loosest sense in this case as the space simply flows) by huge glass panes that blur the lines between its indoor and outdoor spaces. During the day, the vast glass frontage allows for a real sense of space as light floods in. Simple and sumptuous with cushioned seating in organic textiles, together with its striking lighting installation, the space feels truly magical come night.

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