Kawasaki J Three Wheeler EV Concept

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The new Kawasaki J Three Wheeler EV was unveiled today at the Tokyo Motor Show 2013 . And this new electric vehicle concept looks like something from the Tron movies
The Kawasaki J features a single wheel at the back and two wheels at the front, which allows for this concept EV to be used in different modes, either a two wheel or three wheel mode.
This allows for the Kawasaki J to be used in a low riding position like a motorbike or a comfort mode, which looks similar to the way you would ride a quad bike.
The Kawasaki J is controller by two levers, which are similar in their position to the ones found on a ride on lawnmower, it certainly looks interesting from the photos.
It doesn’t look like Kawasaki has any plans to put the Kawasaki J into production, it is being used to showcase some of the company’s new technology like their proprietary battery management technology and also their high capacity GIGACELL battery.
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