Tunnel House by Makiko Tsukada Architects

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Japanese architect Makiko Tsukada has created the ‘Tunnel House’, in Tokyo Japan. The exterior and interior are connected by a large carved-out section in the volume that is designed perpendicular to the road along which the building is situated. The tunnel-like configuration activates both ‘uchi’ (in the tunnel) and ‘soto’ (out of the tunnel) spaces as the home divided and linked by the gaping convex form. on the open side of the quarter cylinder, the façade is enclosed by glass. The ‘uchi’ comprises two rectangular areas that contain a bedroom and a bathroom. although hidden inside a concrete and steel structure, the bedroom embodies a lightness with an open ceiling and screen partitions. from the bedroom box above, the residents can view the top of the concrete shell.

Architects: Makiko Tsukada Architects
Location: Suginami, Tokyo, Japan
Architect In Charge: Makiko Tsukada
Area: 87 sqm
Year: 2011
Photographs: Shinkenchiku-sha

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