V and A Gallery 40

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V and A Gallery 40 interior design by 6a architects
Situated in the south-western corner of the V&A South Kensington site, Gallery 40 is one of the museum’s largest and most architecturally distinctive interior spaces. The simplified neo-classical gallery, 1600 sqm in area, is based on an octagonal plan with four deep circular alcoves below a flattened domed glass roof. Gallery 40 will house the fashion collection and temporary exhibitions for the next seven years. 6a Architects’ work restores the primary architecture of the gallery for the fashion display in the medium term and anticipates the next phase in the museum’s redevelopment. The white secondary architectural elements now stand lightly within the Edwardian volume, creating a new space in which 1909, 1962, 2012 and beyond coexist.

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