Volvos Road Sensing Safety features

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Next year, Volvo is revealing their new ‘worlds-first’ road-sensing safety features. These features could potentially save lives and prevent thousands of accidents. The new XC90 luxury SUV will showcase the new technology which will be revealed in the next couple of months. Here, MotorQuoteDirect explains..

One feature of the technology is the run-off road protection. This can detect if the driver is swerving between lanes or off course. First, the technology will detect if the driver is proactively driving i.e. using the indicators or not. It not and the driver swerves or crosses lane markings, the seat belt tightens and extra torque will be applied to the steering wheel, this will therefor pull the car back into the correct lane. If this isn’t enough, the steering wheel will vibrate or a warning bleep will sound. You are also able to disable the whole Lane Keeping Aid if you don’t need or want it.
The next feature is a world first by Volvo and will be a real help on the roads and will prevent countless accidents. Imagine you are approaching a junction and there is a car slowing down or stopping in front of you and you don’t judge how quickly they are slowing down, the Intersection braking technology will apply the breaks for you which will stop you going up the back of the other car. Usually, accidents like this are one of the worst because of the difference in speed and sometimes the driver will not have enough time to react.
For all those people who hate tight parking spaces or just parking in general, this car is perfect. With its park assist pilot you will never have to worry again. This park assist pilot does all the work for you, it will even find you a parking space! When parallel parking, you will only need a space 1.2 times the length of your car. Meaning you will be sure that you can fit in the space even if it looks too small and most drivers would never even try to park in it. All you have to do is accelerate, brake and change gears. The car does all the steering for you and as if by magic, you are in the space!
The car also has a (optional) 360 degrees camera which can give you a bird’s-eye view and a view all around the car which would help you parking or down any tight streets. The cameras are placed at the side, front and rear of the car and work up to 20km/h with a crystal clear image on the dash board.
In the front seats on the XC90 they have whiplash injury protection, which help reduce injury in the case of a collision. The front seats also have an energy absorbing function which helps to cushion your back when in a collision, this will reduce spinal injuries by lowering the vertical accelerations on the body. Every seat, including in the seven seat models, has integrated protection with three point seatbelts and pre-tensioners. This will stop you sliding under your seat belt in a collision.
Most importantly, the car has protective safety which means the design on the car has maximum strength around the outside of the passenger section. Volvo has used boron steel which is one of the strongest steels and will protect those inside the car more than any normal car.

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