Car Technology: help or hindrance?

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Remember the days when cars had almost no technology? When you had to wind your windows, insert the cassette player and use the seat belt interlock system. Nowadays, cars are crammed with all technology possible. The technology has made our driving experiences safer and potentially easier but there are some things that are just unnecessary. Ultimately, using one hand to drive while winding down your window or choose the cassette you want to listen to, is very dangerous but has the new technology gone too far? Here GoMotorTrade Explain about new car technology…

The favourite for most people are the music systems going from cassettes to CD’s to MP3s and now cars can store music in its memory in which you can sync with your music player. Therefore we can now get hold of any song we want! But is this really safer than fiddling with a cassette? You still have to spend time with one hand off the wheel whilst choosing the song you want. Aside from the safety, having this technology does give drivers a better driving experience.

Air Conditioning and heating are obvious pluses when you’re driving in the heat of the summer, stuck in traffic for 2 hours or vice versa. As much as the fresh breeze blowing through the windows when it is hot, is nice, if it’s too hot, you need that extra bit of cold air to cool the whole car down, which the breeze won’t do. In the winter, the heating is also great for defrosting your car in the morning before you go to work. Just leave the car heating on, walk away and come back to a car that’s ready to drive.

There are some technologies that will really help prevent accidents and keep you safer when driving. The hands-free Bluetooth for your mobile phone is great when driving because you don’t need to touch your mobile phone at all. At a click of a button on the steering wheel, you can be talking to your friends, family or work through your car speakers. The automatic locking doors have also made life safer.

Some of the newer car technology could really help when driving and keep you safer. As in the new Volvo XC90 there are many features that will help you keep safe when driving including the Lane Keeping Aid which will pull you back into the lane you are driving in if it doesn’t detect any proactive use of the vehicle i.e. using the indicators. It also has Intersection Breaking which will stop you from crashing into other cars when at an intersection. The car applies the breaks for you. There are many other features that newer cars are using and there is even a chance that by 2015 some driverless cars will be on the road!

Studies show that around 73% of drivers have a CD player instead of the Hi-tech screens with Sat Navigation which only 31% of people have. Most drivers don’t want the hi-tech features in their cars because it would become too complicated. They are even trying to introduce social media including Facebook and Twitter to car technology using voice recognition. Therefore, there are some very helpful features being created for cars but there are also some over the top features in which car designers are just trying to be ‘up and coming’ but are really not needed!

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