Yamaha 04Gen Concept Scooter

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Unveiled at the Vietnam Motorcycle Show 2016, The Yamaha 04GEN scooter design concept model is a scooter design concept that wonderfully showcases the beautifully-engineered interior structure through its delicate exterior parts. Using moveable exterior panels with semi-transparent trapezodial details and long, low silhouette, the lines of the scooter were shaped to match a swan. Compared to regular scooter body structures – which hide the frame with exterior parts – the 04GEN only covers the frame with translucent body panels. Showcasing the beautifully-engineered interior structure brings a lightness to the majestic body, creating a new design which synthesizes the interior and exterior to achieve a rare beauty. This is yamaha’s fourth concept model based on ‘Refined Dynamism’ design philosophy. The series allows Yamaha to realize products in an experimental style based on new materials.

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