The Musket by Hazan Motorworks

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Here’s what you get when a highly talented bike builder fuses together a 1000cc V-twin powered motorcycle in a fashion that’s more steampunk than anything else. Maxwell Hazan, owner of Hazan Motorworks did just that, creating a monstrous beauty of aluminum; an elegant masterpiece that deserves recognition in the world of custom motorcycles.

The engines are two 500cc Royal Enfield powerhouses that practically make up the bike in its entirety, aside from the frame and oversized tires of course. It’s a project Maxwell has wanted to build for years and we for one are excited he’s made the dream come true. In fact, the bike’s origins come initially from a block of wood, then hand cast and hand-machined into the shimmering beast you see before you. The tires are two BF Goodrich Silvertown car tires, which, along with the wheels and the headlight, were the only purchase parts. Everything else was handmade. The tank and fenders are all shaped from aluminum, the shocks from bearing bronze, and the seat from an aged piece of walnut.

“I wanted it to be finished like a Steinway Piano; just make sure you hang on when you twist the throttle.”

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